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February 12, 2015

Korea Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

Korea Water Filter Cartridge Replacement For Following Model


Tong Yang Water Dispenser

  1. Tong Yang 6200c
  2. Tong Yang 6200f
  3. Tong Yang 6500c
  4. Tong Yang 6500f
  5. Tong Yang 8900c
  6. Tong Yang 8900f
  7. Tong Yang 8910c
  8. Tong Yang 8910f
  9. Tong Yang 8230c
  10. Tong Yang 8230f



Magic Water Dispenser

  1. Magic 6202
  2. Magic 8201
  3. Magic 8215
  4. Magic 8230



Winix Water Dispenser

  1. Winix W3 or other same model / design with OEM brand
  2. Winix W-6D


Korea Import Water Dispenser

  1. K 105s or other same model / design with OEM brand
  2. K 860s or other same model/ design with OEM brand


Korea Alkaline Water Filter

  1. K1000 / K-1000 / K-1K
  2. K1500 / K-1500 / K-1.5K
  3. K2000/ K-2000 / K-2K
  4. K3000/ K-3000 / K-3K



Midea Water Dispenser

  1. Midea 3011 / 919k





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